Friday, 8 January 2016

Getting Organised

Isn't it a great feeling to be organised!  Life just seems to run that bit smoother and if you get it right, time is on your side and you have the opportunity to enjoy things a little more knowing that everything is as it should be.  

I've been working on a few things already this month that I thought I'd share with you all.

Keeping a diary for me is key to keeping organised.  I'd be lost without it.  In it I write down all of my appointments, days out, changes to working hours etc.  This year I've purchased a second diary purely to use for my blog to help keep me organised with regular posts for you lovely lot to read.  In it I shall also be recording any blog related events and deadlines. 

Each year I send out lots of cards to friends and family for birthdays and anniversaries.  All of the dates are recorded on the calendar and in my diary to help me remember and I try to buy all of the cards well in advance, so finding this little beauty in Home Bargains for £4.99 was just perfect to store them all in. 

No excuses for forgetting those special dates from now on. 

I'm a hoarder, I don't mind admitting it.  So when it comes to clearing out (as much as I love having a clear-out) I find myself reasoning with myself as to why I need to keep things, and in particular clothes.  A fantastic way to determine whether an item of clothing has been worn is to turn the hangers in your wardrobe the opposite way round.  Then when you wear that particular garment and are returning it back to the wardrobe, simply turn the hanger so it faces the right way.  After a couple of months or so you will be able to see what hasn't been worn and there you have it, a much easier way to determine what can be got rid of.

I also colour co-ordinate my wardrobe.  Yes a bit excessive know.  However it does save me time being able to directly go to exactly what I'm looking for rather than having to rummage around to find it.  

So just a few things to get me started.  My trouble is though, even when I am organised, I want to be even more organised.  I know I can't be the only one, do you have any tips or ideas that you use?  If so please leave a comment below so that we can share our ideas together.

~ Gem x


  1. I love that hanger trick! I have SO MANY sleeveless tops and I never wear them all. This will be the perfect way to thin them out! Thanks, Gem!

    1. Fantastic, glad to be of service my lovely :) x x x

  2. That card box is so you Gem and a great way to get organised for the year ahead. The hanger trick is a good idea I shall tell Rachel about it too as she could do with a wardrobe tidy up!

    1. I spotted it in there a while back and for some reason never picked it up, then when I went back to buy it they were no longer stocking it. I was rather pleased to see this in there the other week though, and it very quickly landed in my basket.
      Send my luck to Rachel, I find it so difficult clearing out clothes and yet I'm always wearing the same things haha x x x