Monday, 25 January 2016

Lush Valentines Range 2016

I do love stepping inside a Lush store, especially when they have new products in stock.  On Friday evening I was invited along to Lush in Chelmsford to check out their new Valentines range.

The products were all laid out ready for their demonstrations .

First up was the lover lamp bath bomb.  It's quite a slow fizzer which I like, you feel as though you are getting your moneys worth.

I also really like the tiny little hearts that appear, floating in the water along with the larger hearts which are visible in the un-melted bath bomb.  It's made with cocoa butter leaving your skin feel lovely and soft and the Brazilian orange oil gives it a really subtle citrus scent.

Next up was the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar with it's pearlescent colours and scents of lavender, ylang ylang and neroli oil.  

The colour of this is a favourite of mine, it looks like strawberry milkshake, so pretty. And mix it with the lover lamp bath bomb, you have yourself a little lush valentines bath cocktail.

Another favourite is the Roses All The Way soap, with a Turkish Delight scent, these soaps actually white have been painted red so the more you use it the lighter the colour will become.  I will post an updated photo later in the month to show you how the soap changes.  The detail is just beautiful and I love how they are displayed in store.

Other products in the Valentines range this year are the Prince Charming Shower Cream, with scents of Turkish Delight this smells good enough to eat, speaking of which the Kiss Lip Scrub and Kiss Lip Gloss really are good enough to eat made from edible ingredients they smell and taste great.

Other products that took my eye on the evening, although not part of the Valentines range but are certainly pretty enough to fit in were A French Kiss, a rosemary and lavender bubble bar.

Sex Bomb, a jasmine scented bath bomb with a cute little rose in the centre.

And the Soft Coeur massage bar which smells absolutely delightful, it reminds me very much of chocolate and it's heart shaped so what is there not to like.

The Rose Jam Bubbleroon a rose scented bubble bar that looks like a macaroon, it's pink, it's glittery need I say anymore?!

Of course I didn't leave empty handed, although my bank account made sure I didn't spend too much, (I shall be visiting again after payday though!).

And the pink heart shaped product on the bottom left there, made by my very own fair hands using the recipe for Creamy Candy Bubble Bars.  You have got to love the blogger events and being able to make your own products to take away.  

Have you made any Lush purchases recently?  What are your favourite products from the new range?

~ Gem x


  1. My daughters like Lush products, I have sensitive skin so tend to stick to what I know. They do look good though and always fun to get involved and make your own.

    1. Their staff are so knowledgeable, you should speak to them. The products are all made using natural products, I think you'd be surprised and you shouldn't have any problems. I end up spending so much money though, that's the only problem x x

  2. OOoh, lovely products!!! I do like bath bombs with shea butter in them or cocoa butter but I don't have baths that often! Must do!!x

    1. I never used to until my fascination with Lush kicked in, now I have one any excuse I can find just to use their products. Although the shower creams are just as lovely x x x

  3. I do love a seasonal range from Lush! I think I have my eye on that one that leaves the little hearts in the bath.

    Victoria x

    1. They do a flamingo one, it always makes me think of you when I see it x x