Monday, 11 January 2016

My Favourite Me Time Activities

We all need time out, time alone, me time.  Whether it be time out from work, time away from the kids or just time doing something you love and enjoy.  How we all spend that time is different too.  Personally it depends how much time I have and also how I'm feeling but my favourite me time activities have to be:

* Soaking in the bath with a good book and a pretty Lush product.

* Snuggling down to watch a classic chick flick on the sofa.

* Relaxing at a spa ~ no treatments needed just time in the saunas or pool suits me fine.

Faffing Styling ~ I love moving things around and creating little displays.  Right there and then I'm transported to a different place.

* Crafting and creating ~ something I've not given myself much tome for recently but when I do I enjoy the time by myself creating something special.

How about you?  How do you escape from everyday life?

~ Gem x  


  1. Crafting is a joy and scrap booking wonderful events of my life so that I can look back and relive some of the special moments.

  2. These all sound great :) I cannot wait for the day when I get to have my own bath again! I lust after a nice long bath surrounded by candles with a glass of wine in my hand!
    I like to read, although I haven't given myself much time to do this recently! I also love to curl up on the sofa with my cat and watch Netflix :)
    Laura x

    1. I tend to read before bed and never leave enough time, I get through about 3 pages then my eyes become heavy and I'm soundo. The bath seems to be the only place I feel I can get away with reading without feeling guilty haha x x

  3. I've never been a "bather" but I do enjoy a long, drawn out shower. The hot water, the steam and peace and quiet. What could be better?

    1. Me too, I can never have a quick shower, it's just impossible x x x