Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Past Week

A much quieter week in comparison to last week but still pretty good none the less. 

James treated me to some little gifts this week.  This candle smells amazing, rose is my favourite scent, he knows me too well.  

He also bought me daffodils, I love them, such happy flowers, they were my Grandad's favourite flower too so I always like having them around at this time of year. 

I met up with the gorgeous Michelle from Michelle Louise Love for a coffee and catch up in Starbucks.  We both ordered the Pistachio and Rose Mocha which is only available at the moment to card holders but will be on the menu very soon.  I'm not the biggest coffee fan but this I loved and will be heading back soon for some more.

I also attended my first pottery class this week.  It was only a taster class, the full course starts in March.  I can't wait, I've already been scouring Pinterest for ideas of things I could make.

I had a happy post day when the watch I'd ordered arrived.  This is just perfect for me. Time keeping isn't my strong point, hopefully that will be a thing of the past now I have this bad boy on my wrist.

Another relaxing bath was enjoyed, this time with the Intergalactic bath bomb.  This one was a Christmas gift and I'm so glad because I would never have picked this one myself but it was really lovely.  I felt like a mermaid swimming in glitter, it was so pretty. 

And finally a drive out in the Landy with hubby.  Of course I had to include something Land Rover related seeing as this week saw the last ever defender being made, a sad day for any Land Rover fans.

This week has whizzed by.  I can't believe tomorrow is February, what earth happened to January?

~ Gem x


  1. The pottery like like fun! I'd also recognise that view from Starbucks at a thousand yards away, I've set there many times.

    1. It was really good fun, roll on March. I'm usually a Costa fan but I guess it does no harm to check out the competition every now and then x

  2. Sounds like you've had a lovely little week! I'd love to give a pottery class a go - possible bloggers meet? :D


    1. That would be pretty cool, definitely something to look into x x

  3. How lovely is that of James!!! The pottery looks so cool! Ha, that watch is hilarious! xxx