Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Clarice House Spa ~ Ipswich

Back at the beginning of January my best friend turned 30.  She is forever and always fussing around after everyone else and never giving herself the time of day.  I wanted to make sure her gift was something special, but also something for her to take some time out and relax.  A Spa day for the two of us seemed like the perfect gift.  A chance for us to spend some quality time together, but also a chance for her to be utterly spoilt, she deserves it.  

I greeted her with a cinnamon bun complete with a wonky birthday candle, substance for our drive there, and lets face it, who wouldn't love a birthday cinnamon bun?!

Having visited the Clarice House Spa in Colchester I was really excited to arrive and be able to compare the two.  From the outside the spa looked beautiful, an old manor house converted to a spa.  However on entering it didn't feel as though it lived up to the Colchester spa.  I didn't get that same luxurious feeling, it felt more as though I'd entered a leisure centre as opposed to a spa which was a shame.

I didn't take all that many photos, it's not the most appropriate place to be snapping away, that and it was nice to step away from technology for a while and just chill out and relax.  

Don't get me wrong, we both had a lovely day and both felt very relaxed afterwards.  I'm not sure I would return though if I were being completely honest about it.  I would much prefer to re-visit Colchester (which is actually closer to home anyway).

Staff were friendly but not overly attentive.  Our package included afternoon tea which was lovely, but in an almost empty dining room we had to ask for our tea pot to be topped up, the tables were ridiculously sticky (to the extent that we had to prise our plates off the table) and the counter beside our table was covered in thick dust.  Not what you would expect in an establishment of this kind.

I also felt as though I hadn't been listened to, which frustrated me.  We were booked in for a manicure and during a courtesy call the previous day I was advised that they didn't offer a service for acrylics (which I currently have on), but was told they could offer me a hand and arm massage instead.  This suited me fine.  On arrival they had no notification of this, but again I was told it was not a problem.  When it came to our treatment the therapist had not been told about the change of treatment.  So for a third time I had to explain myself, which although only a small issue, could all have been avoided if only the staff had of communicated with one another.

It didn't particularly affect our day, but I doubt I'll be returning, after all attention to detail and minor things such as communication I feel are of up-most importance when running any kind of business.

~ Gem x


  1. What a shame that the spa wasn't as nice as you hoped.

    Loving your leopard print bikini by the way.

    Victoria x

    1. It was rather disappointing but you wins some you loose some. We still had a great day though.
      Thank you my lovely x x x

  2. It is a shame it wasnt up to expectations but I'm glad you had a relaxing time together anyway!x

    1. We had a lovely day. The treatments and cake were fantastic so definitely made up for the downsides x x

  3. Darn. It sounds like this day could have been so much better. Don't spend your money there again. Go back to your old favourite closer to home. Have you sent a email to the spa and let them know how you feel? Also- let them know you are a blogger who has written an un-favourable review!!

    1. I know right. It could have been so much nicer with just a few small tweaks. I haven't yet but I'm going to x x