Monday, 15 February 2016

Valentines Celebrations

Did you all have a lovely Valentines day?  Ours was a quiet affair as we don't really celebrate the occasion, although this post may suggest otherwise. 

The day started with pancakes and strawberries for breakfast.

We exchanged cards, well more of a one way exchange as we had said we weren't going to buy for each other, but I couldn't help myself.  Any excuse to spend money.

Then by the end of the day I laid the table for dinner.  

We don't eat at the table nearly as much as we should, more often than  not opting to eat off our laps.  I think I may just have to take note from Sadie at A Life In The English Rain who is making more of an effort to lay and style the dinner table more often, such a lovely idea.

Meanwhile James was in the kitchen cooking my favourite dinner.  Carbonara.

And to finish off, a favourite dessert of both of ours, tiramisu.  Perfect.

How was your day?

~ Gem x


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, it definitely made a nice change to make more of an effort x x

  2. Such a pretty table. Tablecloths and pretty napkins always make the food taste better!

    1. It's surprising how much of a difference it makes x x

  3. Your home is so pretty!!! Mmmmm, that garlic bread looks fabulous!!! Our day was spent moving so wasn't the best!x

    1. Thank you my love. It tasted amazing, I'm so lucky, hubby is a really good cook. Hmm yes, I could think of better ways of spending a day but needs must I guess x x