Friday, 12 February 2016

Valentine's Preparations

Valentines day is almost upon us and preparations in the Wilson household are well under way.

I love any excuse to decorate. Creating little displays around our home to mark the different occasions.    

I've not gone mad this year, and have kept things fairly simple.  But any excuse to decorate with hearts, I'm there.

You'll have to excuse the contents of the dresser, hubby is currently using it as his drinks cabinet.  For the time being I am humoring him with it, he thinks he's got away with it but I'm telling you now, this will not last.

I've tried to limit my spending this Valentines, as I do thing companies pry on people (like me) to buy things that they really don't need.  I have been very restrained but couldn't help buying these pretties from Home Bargains.  They will go perfectly with breakfast on Sunday.

Will you be celebrating on Sunday?  Are you all prepared?

Have a wonderful weekend, whatever your plans may be.

~ Gem


  1. Your home looks very pretty, Gem. Kevin and I celebrated last weekend with our weekend away so this weekend will be low-key and family oriented. In fact, February 15th is Family Day here in Canada so we get a third day of weekend!

    1. Thank you. I read your blog post about your trip, that hotel looked very posh. Enjoy your celebrations this weekend, a 3 day weekend is always a welcomed treat x x

  2. Just realised I didn't give my husband a card!!! Couldn't find it in the packing!!!x

    1. Oh dear, I'm sure you will come across it eventually x x