Monday, 21 March 2016

The Princes Room Restaurant

Wednesday evening I was invited along to The Princes Room restaurant for a special evening of live music and canape tasting.  

The restaurant is located within Chelmsford College in their Princes Road campus and is run by their catering students.  It is open to the public during term time, Wednesday - Friday lunchtimes from 12-2 or Wednesday evenings at 7pm.

I've eaten there a couple of times for evening dinner and can't recommend it enough.  The value for money is incredible.  A three course dinner, made freshly from fresh and locally sourced produce for £13.95pp, you honestly cannot go wrong.   

This particular evening the level 1 and 2 students were working with Tom Gore, a top chef from a London restaurant (The Brewery), to re-create a menu of canapes that is usually served at The Brewery.

The quality was no different to what it usually is.  Attention to detail was on top form and the food tasted delicious.  So much so, that I barely took any photos of the selection that was served to us.  What I did manage to get were those that I took in the kitchen, the rest of the evening I was far too busy eating it. 

The students did an amazing job and should all be very proud of themselves.  As a customer there is no way you could tell that the food had been prepared and cooked by students, it really was fantastic.

The live music added a really nice touch to the evening and helped to create the perfect ambiance to the event.  Great work to everyone involved in the evening, I had a great time.

~ Gem x


  1. Replies
    1. It was so good, the baked Alaska Lolliop's were out of this world x x

  2. Everything looks wonderful! :)

  3. That really does look delicious! I MUST go!x

    1. You have to try it, so worth every penny x x

  4. WOW! So much yummy looking food! I bet you didn't have to eat for days afterwards!