Friday, 13 May 2016

A Blog Collaboration Opportunity

I've been thinking for some time now about teaming up with some fellow bloggers to create some kind of monthly collaboration.  

I have seen so many of them around and would love to work on one with some blogging friends.

We would each continue to write on our own blogs, and on a chosen date each month we would write our own interpretation of the theme and link to one another's blogs.

To be honest that's about as much as I know.  What subject we would collaborate on, what theme we would follow, I have no idea.  I'd be happy to discuss that with you.

Basically what I'm asking today is who wants to join me?
If you're interested or want to ask a few questions before committing to anything, just leave me a comment on this post (please make sure that your settings aren't set to no reply or this) or you can email me

~ Gem x


  1. Hello Gem - I think I would be interested in joining in. Sometimes I find it hard to have something to blog about, so a theme might be fun. It's good to meet other bloggers too. I have two blogs (and I STILL can't always think of things to blog about!!) at and
    Would you send out reminders, or not? I'm notoriously sieve-headed!!!

    1. Hello, I know exactly what you mean. I often find myself racking my brain for ideas and waiting for inspiration to strike. I just figured this would be a nice way of getting together a little community of bloggers, at the same time as providing a little bit of inspiration.
      Of course I can send out reminders, this wouldn't be a problem at all x x

  2. I wish I could volunteer again, but I haven't been active on the blogging front lately..... I hope lots of others join in!

    1. It's slightly different to what I had done before, I'll drop you an email and tell you about it, you can always join later if you feel up to it x x