Friday, 27 May 2016

Confessions Of A Blogger

Now I know this has probably been done a million and one times before, but the idea has struck and I just can't shift it.  So what does a blogger do when faced with this situation? Well, they publish it.

I'm a blogger, and up until fairly recently I was afraid to tell people.  I was scared to be judged and scrutinised, but the truth is blogging has brought me something I could never have dreamed to have found.  So I'm laying it all down right here today.  My confessions of a blogger.

I love attending events, seeing my diary fill up with dates to meet up with fellow bloggers, attending shows to inspire blog posts or getting to view venues and test out products.  If only I could do it every day.

It takes me forever to do anything and get anywhere, because I literally take hundreds of photos a day.  And yes I have been known to arrange and re-arrange a display in order to get that perfect Instagram worthy shot.  So that photo that I've published, I have about 30 images of the exact same thing, taken from different angles or with things arranged slightly differently.

I have a million notebooks filled with inspiration, lists and blog ideas.  And yet even with pages filled with blog post ideas, I still get bloggers block and have no idea what to write about.

When that notification pops up with a new comment on one of my blog posts or Instagram images, I still get excited.  And I know that likes and follows shouldn't bother me, but they do.  After all we all like to be liked. 

I will talk about people that I have never met as though they are my closest friend and expect other people to know exactly who I'm talking about.  There is just something about the blogging and Instagram community that still to this day overwhelms and humbles me.   

Most of my time is spent with my face pressed up against a laptop, computer or iPhone screen, checking the latest on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and all of my friends blogs.  The trouble with being a blogger is you feel that fear of missing something big if you're not keeping on top of things, the truth is that it's not likely to be the case but you just never know.  

And I will admit there are times I feel envy of other bloggers, getting their break and making it big, or seeing a piece of their work go viral.  It's not in a mean way, of course I am happy for them and at the end of the day it is good to see the work of fellow bloggers being recognised, but there is always that hunch of waiting for the day that it might just happen to you.

So there you have my confessions of a blogger.  I'd love to hear yours if you would care to share them either in a post of your own or in the comments below.

~ Gem x

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