Sunday, 29 May 2016

The Past Wek

Another quiet week this week, but still with lots of little treats.

I couldn't walk past the cake sale at work without buying this little beauty.  It tasted just as good as it looks too.

I spent a little time crafting up a card for an order I'd received for a new baby.

A very hot bubble bath was enjoyed using my Lush Rose Jam bubble bar, allowing time to read some of my newest book to be removed from the book shelf, Katie Fforde's Highland Fling (I really like her books).  

Followed by a candlelit evening watching Britain's Got Talent.  In fact I've watched that every evening this week.

I've been enjoying fresh flowers about the house.  I try to buy them on the regular now, as it's nice to walk into a room with pretty blooms, wouldn't you agree?!

I enjoyed an evening out having dinner and drinks with fellow blogger Michelle, at Zizi's.

Then finished the week off with a spot of gardening.  Oh how I have missed the smell of these roses.

I've nothing much planned for the rest of my bank holiday weekend, so we shall just see what it has in store.

~ Gem x

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