Wednesday, 1 June 2016

June Bucket List

We're half way through the year.  How that's even possible is beyond me.  I can't get over how quickly the year is whizzing by.  Considering we're six months in, I don't feel as though I have achieved all that much either.  Then again, there are still six months left so I have time to change that, quite how I've not yet decided.

With summer now showing it's face (occasionally.  The current weather may suggest otherwise), I'm looking forward to spending more time outdoors and also making the most of the longer days and socialising with loved one.

So this month I'd like to:

* Go on a date with my husband.
This may sound like an odd one, but he works away a lot with his job, it will be nice to spend some quality time together.

* Enjoy a bowl of strawberries and cream.
A true British tradition for summer time.

* Watch a film at the cinema.
As James hates the cinema I very rarely go, so this month I'd like to make an extra effort to visit with a friend.

* Arrange a local photo walk.
I've loved seeing the many photo walks that have been taking place around London, it would be great to have something closer to home.

* Make more time for coffee dates with friends.
Not having one big group of friends means that I don't have the time to catch up with everyone as regularly as I'd like.  But I need to make more of an effort and make the time.

What have you got planned for the month ahead?

~ Gem x


  1. You should try going to the cinema on your own, I do it a lot and it's surprising to see how many other people are in there on their own too.

    Victoria x

    1. I have done this before, although it was years and years ago now. Maybe you're right, I should try it again some time x x

  2. What's a photo walk? that sounds fun! x

    1. Basically where a group of people meet up, wander around and take photos. I'll let you know once I have some info my love x x