Monday, 6 June 2016

The Past Week

Last Monday being a bank holiday I made the most of the extra day off work and took my Nan out for the afternoon.  I blogged about our trip to Osterley Park on Friday.

A couple of coffee dates were enjoyed last week.  Already crossing something off that June bucket list.  Wednesday saw a tea, doughnuts, crochets and good conversation with my best friend and Thursday involved a trip to Costa to meet with some old colleagues.

James worked away a lot this week so I spent a lot of time catching up with  a new series I've started watching on Netflix, Life un-expected.  Have any of you seen it?  I am loving it so far, I literally can't get enough of it.  And as the weather was so cold it made perfect sense to run a steaming hot bath with my Lush Yuzu & Coco bubble melt whilst watching an episode.

Saturday saw me collect 3 new chickens.  We had a bad experience Monday morning before I headed out, where we had a visit from Mr Fox who left us with just the one chicken.  So Saturday I picked her up some new friends.  They are Rescue hens from the British Hen Welfare Trust.  Sadly at the moment they are in pretty bad condition, due to the conditions that they have been kept in until now.  But give them a month or so and they should be looking very healthy.  I'm hoping to write a separate post up soon with an update on the chickens. 

Then the weekend was rounded up nicely wit a day spent tending the veg patch.  A few more things have been planted and a lot of weeding has been done.  Perhaps another garden update post is in order too.

A very productive and good days work, finished off with dinner alfresco in the garden.

It feels as though it has been a long week.  Th weekend rounded it off nicely though, and what is even better is that I have an extra long weekend as I've booked today off work to spend with my husband.  Here's to another good week.

~ Gem x


  1. I want chickens!!! I wonder if the other people in my flats would mind if I got some and put in our gardens!!

    Victoria x

    1. You should ask the neighbours, you never know there may be a couple of them who would be willing to chip in with you. they are really easy to look after but they do poo quite a bit x x

  2. Oh your beautiful hens! I hope they recover soon and sure they will do! Our chickens that we had when I was a teen were rescues- three silky bantums!
    Your veg patch is looking amazing!x

    1. Give it a few weeks and they will be looking much healthier (fingers crossed).
      Thank you. Hubby planted it all out but I have been helping out doing a lot of the weeding. So I think it's fair to say it has been very much a joint effort x x

  3. Ah... So glad that you've got those three rescue chooks. Yes, they look a bit battered, but they'll soon look very healthy and happy with all that green grass to roam on.
    Your veggie garden is looking good and very neat, I must say. Mine looks like a jumble sale. xxx...x

    1. Our last rescue hens were almost 3 years ago, you forget what they were like when you first get them. I know in time they will be far better off for their new lease of life.
      Many hours have been spent on that veggie patch, I'm so chuffed with how it is all looking though. I'm also looking forward to our first harvest x x