Friday, 29 July 2016

Preview of the New HomeSense Store Chelmsford

I am a true homebody and love anything to do with the home.  For me if I go out shopping, I'd much prefer to be shopping for the home as opposed to shopping for myself.  In a round about way, I have always been that way inclined, but definitely more so since living in a place of my own.  Adding the little decorative touches that I want, where I want, when I want.  

When I heard that we were getting a new home store in Chelmsford I started getting a bit excited.  The the excitement grew when I discovered it was going to be a HomeSense as our closest store until now has been either Harlow or Romford, both places I rarely visit.  Then the excitement levels hit an all time high when I was invited along to the store the day before opening for a little preview, together with a giftcard to use in store, of course I didn't hesitate to say yes.  

So Wednesday evening saw me and some fellow bloggers heading to the Riverside retail park to see what the store had to offer.  It's always an added bonus getting to catch up with some bloggy friends too, especially over a glass of something bubbly (thanks HomeSense Chelmsford).  

It is a really spacious store, spread out across 2 floors, crammed full of all kinds of homeware goodies for the eyes to feast on, a true treasure trove of home goodness.  I literally didn't know where to look first.

For those of you not familiar with HomeSense, they have everything imaginable from cushions to stationary, kitchenware to mirrors.  The amazing thing is that you literally never know what you are going to find.  With endless amounts of one off pieces you have to be quick and decisive, because if you leave something on the shelf, there are no guarantees that when you go back, someone else won't have picked it up, so it's worth grabbing a basket as you enter.  They are operated by TK Maxx only they purely just sell home goods but the concept is exactly the same.   

I know it's going to be one of those shops that will feature high up on my list of places to check out regularly and I'm already willing Christmas to arrive as I can't wait to check out their Christmas stock (sorry, I know we're still in July but this girl loves Christmas).  I can safely say the arrival of this shop is very much appreciated in my household, although my bank account may disagree.  

I was very restrained on this weeks visit though, my shopping mojo seemed to have been temporarily lost on Wednesday, so I only came away with a candle.  But I've no doubt that it won't be long until I'll be back for more.

A huge thanks for the team at HomeSense in Chelmsford for having me, I shall be seeing you all again very soon I'm sure.

~ Gem x


  1. I do love Homesense! I'm lucky as Romford was never too far for me and Harlow is just down the road although it's a very small store. I'll have to take a trip to Chelmsford to check out the new store!

    I really want the Believe and Diner plaques!!!

    Victoria x

    1. There were so many beautiful things I wanted to buy, but it's a case of working out where I could have put them all so I was good and resisted x x

  2. gahhhhh I can't wait to go here although I'm so nervous that i'll spend all my money haha!
    I love TK Maxx home stuff!

  3. I always go to the Romford one on the way home from school! I LOVE Homesense, I have got so many cool things from there- I got a box of 100 Penguins Children's classics book postcards for £5, I was so happy. And I got a replacement Joseph Joseph chopping board in the sale for £5!!! So cool you got to go to this!!

    1. I used to love their Romford branch, although haven't visited for years since me and James moved in together as it was no longer on the doorstep. So pleased this store has opened now as it is much closer to home. So many great bargains to be had x x