Monday, 15 August 2016

Down Hall Spa and Afternoon Tea

During my blogging break I was treated to the most lovely day out by my wonderful mum, with my sister in law to be, for our birthday's.  We were to be spending the day at Down Hall in their stunning spa complete with a massage, followed by afternoon tea in the hotel.

Driving up the main driveway the hotel soon came into view.  It is such a stunning and beautiful building, very grand indeed.  I couldn't wait to catch a glimpse inside.

Arriving at the spa we were greeted by the friendly staff, who gave us a quick tour of the facilities and showed us to our lockers.  The spa itself was fairly small but perfectly adequate for our needs, with a steam room and sauna, relaxation room, hydrotherapy pool and a small outdoor terrace area with comfy sun loungers.

We helped ourselves to the drinks on hand and spent a good couple of hours chilling out, chatting away and generally letting go of all our worries.  The massage was amazing, I could quite easily have fallen asleep afterwards and the rest of the time in the spa was spent in the relaxation room making the most of being able to get away with doing as little as possible.  

Once we'd finished in the spa we headed over to the main hotel for our afternoon tea.  Again the staff were lovely, however there could have been more of them, as due to a lack of staff the service was very slow.  The afternoon tea itself though was great and I loved the Wimbledon theme that they had taken on, it worked really well. 

I'll definitely be returning back to Down Hall to use the spa facilities, it really is a great place to loose yourself for a couple of hours.  With it only being a short drive from home, I'm slightly annoyed with myself that I've not taken advantage of it before now, so there is lots of catching up to be done.

~ Gem x


  1. Wow, that was one impressive looking afternoon tea.

  2. I've visited Down Hall quite a lot but I've never taken advantage of the spa or afternoon tea, I think that's something I need to change!

    Victoria x

    1. The spa is so nice, perfect for a couple of hours, it is only small but it's good for what it is and really reasonable in cost too x x

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