Wednesday, 21 September 2016

A Craft Collaboration With Michelle Louise Love

On Sunday I had the pleasure of spending my day with the beautiful Michelle.  We met back in December at a bloggers event and hit it off straight away.  As the time has passed we have grown closer together and have secured a great friendship with one another. 
We have quite a lot in common including recent personal circumstances, which in itself has been a great support to one another.  But being able to share the things we're passionate about in life has been a very welcomed treat.  When Michelle asked me if I'd be interested in joining her for a craft collaboration I just knew that it would be right up my street.  Having lost my creative flow recently this was the perfect opportunity for me to jump back on the wagon. 

We each chose a craft for us to do together, but kept it a secret from the other until we sat down to start work.  It was such a fun idea and strangely exciting to have a surprise craft activity planned.  After having visited Hobbycraft a few weeks ago and both cooed over this BeYouTiful canvas watercolour project I decided to choose that as my craft knowing it would be something we would both enjoy.

I haven't painted like this in years so I wasn't too sure how I would get on with it but I needn't have worried.  It was really simple and so much fun.  I'd definitely buy more of these sort of projects.  

Michelle had chosen for us to make some pretty autumn themed bunting, made from old pages from a book, kraft card, glitter, twine and mini pegs.  Completely my style, I love that rustic effect and I love autumn so I was thrilled with this activity. 

I've never been much of a fan of paper crafts but this was so simple yet so effective.  I actually found it quite relaxing.  Even better the fact that it involved glitter too.

I was so impressed with the finished product too.  It is absolutely perfect to add to my autumn mantle this year, and is proudly taking centre stage.

Big thanks goes to Michelle for having such a great idea and for involving me in it.

~ Gem x


  1. A great project and even better when you can craft with a friend.

  2. Awwwwwwwww :)
    I had such a fun day and wish we could do it every weekend!

    1. That would be amazing, although would we appreciate it as much? Who knows x x