Friday, 16 September 2016

Excitement For The Arrival of Autumn

As much as I love each of the seasons for their own individual reasons, I think its fair to say that Autumn is quite possibly my favourite season out of the four.  It gives me a rather warm and fuzzy feeling inside to be seeing it's arrival in  2016. 

As the evenings begin to draw in and the temperatures drop (not so much the this past week in the UK).  The jumpers come out of hiding and evenings indoors are spent with the candles lit, as a rather cosy atmosphere descends on my home.


The autumn decorations have been dug out from the shed and are now happily adorning the mantle.  And weekend evenings are spent in front of the TV watching The X-Factor (don't judge, it is pretty much the only trashy TV that I actually watch).

The roads are lined by the glorious shades of orange and the ground beneath them soon becomes a stunning golden brown, as it is covered by the crisp and crunchy leaves just waiting to be walked over and kicked into the air.

There is something quite mesmerising about the morning sunlight at this time of the year.  That hazy glow that it creates, made even better with a morning mist rolling across the fields or lake that surround my home. 

As the shops begin preparations for Christmas I can't help but find myself getting exciting for the few months that lay ahead.

The seasons we experience in the UK make me feel rather grateful, as without them we wouldn't appreciate each one for what it actually is.  It's one of the many reasons I love living in the countryside, as you seem to be able to identify with the seasons that little bit more than in a built up suburban area, which is what I have been used to until moving here.   

So I shall be embracing this season and breathing in every possible moment of it until we see it again next year.

~ Gem x


  1. Autumn is my fave time of year too although I'm not quite ready to dive in as I'm off to Ibiza next week and Vegas next month so I'm still chasing sunshine! Once I return tho it's all cosy nights in and candles.

    Victoria x

    1. I couldn't have timed the post better really as far as the weather is concerned, the temperature has literally dropped overnight.
      Feeling rather jealous on the holiday front, you'll have an amazing time x x

  2. You are certainly painting a beautiful picture. I am not quite there yet preferring to reflect on the hazy days of summer for a little while longer.

    1. I can understand that although they are certainly fewer and further between right now x x

  3. I'm so excited for autumn to get into full swing! The squirrels are back to chasing each other on my morning walk to the station and I could not be happier about it! x