Monday, 26 September 2016

Gem's Country Life ~ A Day In The Life

Like most peoples day's mine tend to be rather different from day to day, depending on what is planned and also what day of the week it is.  I've chosen to base today's post on Saturday just passed.  Much more fun and interesting than a weekday spent at work.  

A typical Saturday would see me waking up anytime between 7am to 9am.  I jump out of bed to let the chickens out of their little house, popping the kettle on as I wander through the kitchen to get outside, ready for the first brew of the day.

The morning entails pottering about at home, replying to any outstanding emails and generally catching up with things.  Occasionally a spot of reading whilst curled up on the sofa

At 11am a visit from a friend for a cuppa and a catch up for about an hour, telling stories and putting the world to rights.

After  bit more pottering at home I made a pit stop at the village library.  I could spend hours pouring over all of the books, if only I could read quicker, I'd actually stand a chance at getting through some of these.

Next was time for a spot of retail therapy.  I'm loving the autumnal tones that are decking out the shops at the moment. 

As the nights begin to draw in, my evenings are being spent with the candles lit, creating a warm cosy atmosphere at home.

And of course Saturday nights also now include X-Factor, which I can't get enough of.

So after a generally laid back day and an evening in front of the TV, my bed calls to me, ready for another day.

~ Gem x


  1. I'm really enjoying this series of the X Factor although I'm livid about Honey G getting through!!

    Victoria x

    1. I'm hooked. Quite excited about judges houses this weekend, although I'll be having to watch Saturday's on catch up as I'm going to miss it x x

  2. I enjoy watching X factor when my daughters visit as we have so much fun commenting on the judges rather than the contestants.

    1. It is just so entertaining, but I do think it has kind of seen it's day now. I sill enjoy watching it none the less x x