Friday, 9 September 2016


I've not been giving this space much time recently, I'm hoping that will soon change.  Sometimes it's just finding the right words to put down, sometimes it's finding words full stop.  A little round up post seemed fitting for right about now.  Just a little of what I've been getting up to outside of my previous blog entries.

I've been watching Jane The Virgin on Netflix.  I wasn't too sure to begin with but stuck with it and then ended up binge watching the next 20 episodes and can't wait for season 2.  I'm also eagerly awaiting the return on Once Upon A Time with season 6.

I finished reading Before I Go To Sleep by SJ Watson.  I'm looking forward to sitting down to watch the DVD, but am waiting for my Mum to finish the book first so we can watch it together.  It will be interesting to see it all acted out and to compare how different it will be from my imagination. 

The next book I've picked up is The Time Of My Life by Cecelia Ahern.  I adore her work as I've mentioned a few times before.  I just love her style of writing and the magical element to her stories. 

I've enjoyed dinner and coffee dates out with friends.

A daytrip to London shopping.

In fact there have been a few shopping trips recently resulting in lots of new purchases. 

A new picture for my lounge.

And new twinklies for my bed.

A VIP event at Lakeside shopping centre hosted by their personal stylists team and Givenchey UK.

I got myself some new ink, very spur of the moment thing, I literally decided while sitting at work that I wanted another tattoo, phoned up in my lunch break and booked it for a couple of days later.

I've started to get a bit more creative again which has been great and generally just spending time on myself with lots of alone time to think about life and the things I want (now things are getting deep).  I'm feeling ready to turn the page onto the next chapter of life and am intrigued to discover what it has in-store.

~ Gem x


  1. love that rabbit print!!! And wooo for tattoo's :) xx

    1. Thank you Laura, I got the picture from Next. And the tattoo, I went to your brother's studio, already planning the next one x x