Monday, 2 January 2017

January 2017 Bucket List

Happy New Year to you all.  2017.  Wow, how did that happen?

I would really like 2017 to be a year of experiences and making memories.  It is something I started working on towards the end of 2016 after the ups and downs I'd been through and it really helped to lift my spirits and my mood.  So from now on I'm wanting to make the most of everything and really live for the moment.  

I still have my list of 30 before 30 to complete by July so that should keep me busy for at least half of the year, but I'm thinking it may still be a nice idea to start off each month with a monthly bucket list too.  These lists in themselves have become some what of a tradition In many ways.  So starting it off for 2017 I would like to:

*Read more blogs.
I seem to have mastered my own blog writing, however it has meant that my reading of other peoples blogs has slipped by the way side.  So I'd like to make some more time for that this month.

*Try to finish off a craft project or at least spend more time crafting
I've started quite a few different projects recently, but haven't committed all that much time to working on them.  So now Christmas is out of the way and the evenings are still dark and cold, I'm hoping it will be the perfect time to sit and craft.

*Make plans to meet up with friends.
We are all guilty of threatening to make a date to meet up with friends but I have been doing it way too much recently, so this month I want to make the effort to start getting some dates in the diary.

*Head to the coast to see some grey seals.
I've admired peoples images on Instagram for some time now and after doing a little bit of research the grey seals should still be around after giving birth to their pups.  A drive out to Norfolk isn't all that far from home so fingers crossed this is something I'll be able to do this month.

 * Put together a media pack for my blog.
This is a job I have been meaning to do for ages and I keep putting it off, hopefully I can change that during January.

All in all there are not too many things on the list this month, but they are all achievable (I hope).

Have you set yourself a list of goals this month or year?

~  Gem x


  1. Happy New Year!

    I need to think about putting together a media kit for my blog, I'll be keen to hear how you get on making one.

    Victoria x

    1. Happy New Year to you too.
      I will let you know how I get on x x

  2. Happy new year lovely! We are lucky to have seals near us, I really ought to appreciate it more and get out to see them! xx

    1. Happy New Year beautiful, ah yes, I'm sure Stanley would love them x x