Monday, 6 February 2017

Southend Pier

I don't know about you but I find it really difficult to think of places to visit and things to do at this time of year.  A lot of places close for the winter which seems such a shame because on days like we have had this past Sunday it is good to get out, and although the temperatures are still bitterly cold the weather is good.  I can't help but feel that options for outings are limited (unless I'm missing something in which case please tell me if I am).

Like I said the weather was good yesterday and it didn't seem right to be spending it cooped up in the flat.  After wracking our brains for something to do for what seemed like hours we decided to drive to Southend to take a wander along the seafront.

It seemed fairly busy although in comparison to summer months in Southend it was quiet.  Instead of the original plan to walk along the seafront we headed instead for the pier (the longest in the world apparently). I don't ever remember going to the end of the pier before, I may have done as a child but I honestly can't recall it.  Either way, I was doing it today.

It was talked about whether we would get the train or walk the journey.  It was cold and we figured it would feel even colder walking out into the sea so the train it was.  It didn't take long and the view back to Southend was pretty good from the end of the pier.

For the return journey we decided to walk.  It didn't feel as cold as we thought it would and the walk would do us good, especially being in the fresh sea air.  So armed with hot drinks from the little café, we started the walk back to the seafront.

I'm so pleased we walked it.  It's 1.34 miles long but it really didn't feel like much at all.  We even had the bonus of watching a seal swimming along beside us for a short part of the way too which really was incredible.  It brought a smile to my face for sure.

So after not being able to decide what to do the day turned out quite well, but if anyone can suggest any other places of interest to visit during the winter months I'd be grateful as I'm drawing blanks over here.

~ Gem x