Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Hatching Butterflies

Without change there would be no butterflies - Wendy Mass

One of the things I had on my list of things to do before turning 30 was to hatch butterflies.  Having never done it before and rarely seeing butterflies around anymore it seemed a good thing to add it to the list and I can happily say that I am so glad I did.  I bloody loved it.  

I ordered my kit via Insect Lore and having received my butterfly house I was able to send off for my caterpillars online through their website.  

Once the caterpillars had been delivered I was astounded by how quickly they grew.  I knew the process that was involved in the caterpillars journey but I was really surprised at how quickly they grew.  I guess when they are in the wild you don't see them from start to finish.  

26th April

5th May

13th May

Of course the best part of the whole process had to be the butterflies themselves after they had emerged from their cocoons.  I was mesmerised and literally spent hours sat watching and photographing them.  They truly are beautiful creatures and it is amazing to think that they have grown from teeny, tiny, little caterpillars.

22nd May

Release day soon came along and it was mixed emotions on my part for sure.  I really didn't want to let them go but the thought of them flying around  in the wild was somewhat heart warming, besides it was also the right thing to do.  

I've not got a clue where the idea came from for me to add this to my list, it isn't particularly something I've had a desire to do before, but something in me must have known it would be a good thing to do.  If you are a lover of nature and all things pretty then I would definitely recommend giving this a go, especially if you have children as I'm certain they would love it too.  The exciting thing for me is that although these beauties have flown the nest, I currently have another four cocoons in my office at work that we are eagerly awaiting butterflies to emerge from.  I sense this becoming rather quite addictive.

~ Gem x  


  1. Omg gem that last picture is the cutest thing ever!! This is such a great idea x

    1. Thanks hun. We had 2 hatch at work today, 2 more to go, so exciting x x

  2. Sounds wonderful such a great idea for a little gift for the Grandchildren.

    1. They will love it. It is great to see x x

  3. They do this in our Reception classes at school and I think it is wonderful!
    Your butterfly seems to really like you!!!

    1. I loved it. 2 hatched in the office at work today, it's been a hive of activity, not much work being done mind you and the works WhatsApp group chat has been going crazy with everyone that wasn't in today haha, anyone would think we were a reception class they way we've been acting :) x x