Wednesday, 5 July 2017

40 Before 40

As I was compiling my list of thirty things to do before I reach thirty I knew I wanted to do another one for when I'd completed it and so made a point of adding it to the bottom of the list.  And so as I shall be turning 30 in less than a week, it seemed an appropriate time to share with you what I have come up with for the next instalment.  So here it is my list of forty things I'd like to do before I reach the big 4 0.

1. Complete anything not achieved from my list of thirty before thirty by the time I reach 31.

2. Learn and develop a new skill.

3. Ride in a helicopter.

4. See the Northern Lights.

5. Do a bungee jump.

6. Try skiing.

7. Write and complete a London Bucket List.

8. Attend a life drawing class.

9. Go and see a live performance of The Nutcracker.

10. Walk on hot coals.

11. Do something big for charity.

12. Travel more.

13. Visit Stonehenge for either Summer or Winter Solstice.

14. Complete a run at one of the Disney Parks.

15. Visit Cheddar Gorge.

16. Go on a cruise, preferably a river cruise.

17. See a psychic.

18. Check out the Giants Causeway.

19. Go skinny dipping.

20. Have a go at clay pigeon shooting.

21. Explore more of the UK.

22. Go on a family holiday with my parents, my brother and his fiancé.

23. Get a pet rabbit (I've wanted one for as long as I can remember).

24. Go to see a pantomime. 

25. Discover more of my home county.

26. Attempt to break a world record.

27. Go on a girls holiday.

28. Fish for crabs.

29. Ring bells in a church.

30. Write a book / novel.

31. Improve my photography skills and complete some form of photography course.

32. See the seals and their pups at Blakeney.

33.  A glamping trip with the girls.

34. Go to an air-show.

35. Rent a beach hut for a day.

36. Bake and eat special brownies.

37. Do a skydive.  

38. Campaign for something I feel strongly about.

39. Attend a film premier / red carpet event. 

40. Renovate a property.

I'm hoping this will be achievable.  Let's face it, I've got ten years in which to do it all. 

~ Gem x


  1. What a great list! Hope you get to do it all and more!

  2. That is a FAB list! Can I come and see the seals too?!
    I've done 4,9,15,16,18 from your list!

    1. Of course you can. I'm wondering whether to make a little weekend of it rather than a day trip, I'll let you know x x x

  3. OMG...I just realised how old this makes me feel