Friday, 14 July 2017

The Epping and Ongar Railway

Over the past ten years I have been to a fair few steam railways but I have never visited the one closest to me nor have I ever dined on one before.  It has been something I have always wanted to do, it sounds so posh don't you think!

Last weekend the Epping and Ongar Railway were running their Poppadum Prairie, an evening on the railway with a curry served to your seats.  Being my birthday weekend it seemed the perfect night out.

We arrived early so that we could explore the platform and take a few photos (I know that sounds nothing like me, definitely not the early part anyway)

I loved the platform, all the little details and old fashioned pieces dotted about the place.

Once we boarded the train, I was a little disappointed, it wasn't as nice as any of the other trains I'd been on before which was a real shame, however the food was pretty good so I couldn't grumble too much.

The line is only very short, the journey to Ongar didn't take very long, I'd say probably around twenty minutes, so we did the journey there and back twice which wasn't ideal as there wasn't really anything to look at aside from the fields we passed but it was still a fairly pleasurable journey.

The stations were by far the best part for me though, with plenty to be looking at.

And of course as dusk fell upon us, the sunset kept me happy.

The Orient Express it was not, but it is something crossed off the bucket list.  I'd definitely be keen to try other railways though to see how they compare.

~ Gem x


  1. I lived in ongar for 8 years and never set foot on the railway or platform! Lol xx

    1. It's always the way, we never explore what is right on our doorstep, funny isn't it xxx

  2. Glad you got to enjoy it and cross another goal off your list!

  3. We stopped at Ongar on our Shenfield to Cambridge Cycle Ride and loved the appearance of the station facade. Is there still that curious garden full of statues including a dalek? I'd love to ride the railway. It is funny to think this was once part of the Central line. It is a great pity it closed as it was very useful!!

  4. My friend use to live alongside the entrance but yet I've never been in or rode the train. Shame it wasn't quite as fabulous as you might have thought but nonetheless a good experience.

    Victoria x