Wednesday, 16 August 2017

A Trip to the Lakes

After spending 3 nights in Blackpool it was time to get back on the road, this time heading to the Lake District for 2 nights staying in a pod at Eskdale Campsite located in the Eskdale Valley, a part of the Lake District I had not visited before.

The scenery driving across the mountains was beautiful.  Watching the cows wandering in the road and spotting waterfalls cascading down the rock face against the lush green backdrops, it really was breath-taking.  I love the sea-side and all but my heart belongs to the countryside, there is no doubt about it.  

The pods are really cute, and were the perfect little hideaway retreat amongst the trees, although very basic, it is literally a wooden shed.  However seeing as they are insulated it did mean that the evenings were cosy compared to other nights I have spent camping where I have literally frozen half to death in all my layers.

Once unpacked it was time to explore more of the area and the perfect way to do that seemed to be the steam railway which is a stones throw away from the campsite.  I appear to have this thing with steam railways, perhaps it's the feeling of something from times gone by, I'm not entirely sure but it was certainly a different way to see what this part of the Lake District had to offer.

       The second day was spent visiting Windermere, a beautiful but sadly popular part of the Lake District which meant that it was rather quite busy.  Although I tried not to let it put me off.  It is still very beautiful, even with the crowds.

Driving around though it amazes me to realise that this is my home country.  The beauty in the UK really is quite astounding and I feel so fortunate to be able to access views like these.  Fair enough they are a good five to six hours drive from home but still, they are worth every second of the drive, wouldn't you agree?

The last evening and final day was a rainy one, but that suited me just fine.  The smell of the rain was just incredible and in a way it was nice to experience both the glorious sunshine and the rain within the one trip.  It's almost as if your getting to experience the best if both worlds.  And the colder weather calls for more tea and toasted marshmallows so who am I to complain!?

It's definitely a place to visit in the UK, and no doubt a place I shall return to one day.

~ Gem x


  1. Took me back to my childhood, we holidayed in the lakes regularly back then. Beautiful photos.

    1. Thank you. My Nan is actually from the Lake District so it always feels like going home for me, even though this is only my second visit. It is such a beautiful part of the country though and still feels so un-spoilt which is quite unusual for many places now a days xx