Monday, 14 August 2017

Exploring Blackpool

I have to say Blackpool is not somewhere I have ever had a strong desire to visit.  I have been once before, although a very long time ago (winter 2004/2005 if my memory serves me correctly) and I can't say it grabbed me, but in saying that I didn't explore the town and spent most of the time in the hotel, being there for a work conference.  However last month I found myself travelling to Blackpool for a few days.  I had said that I wanted to explore more of the UK right. 

Maybe it is because I wasn't looking forward to it, or maybe because I had no expectations of the days ahead, but I actually rather quite enjoyed it.  Don't get me wrong, it is your typical British seaside resort, loud and tacky, but you just have to take that at face value.

The first morning was spent at the Sandcastle Water Park.  If you're planning a visit yourself I would strongly recommend arriving as soon as it opens, it will give you a chance to go on all of the slides before the place gets too busy.  After about an hour and a half the place was packed.  I've no idea if they have a limit on how many people they allow in but if they do then the number is way too high as it was literally like people soup in the pool and you were queuing to get a dingy before you even joined the queue to get on the slide.  

Deciding after a couple of hours that the waterpark was way too busy the afternoon was spent walking along the seafront to the tower.  Now lets face it a visit to Blackpool wouldn't be complete without visiting the Blackpool Tower.  This for me was the highlight of the trip.  I really enjoyed it.

The ticket includes a 4D cinema screening before going up the tower, which I loved.  It was a great film and had been done very well, it certainly got me in the mood for an adventure that is for sure.  Being a sunny day the views from the top were really good, well as good as they could be for Blackpool.

Day two involved a visit to Blackpool Pleasure Beach, another must for any visit to Blackpool.  Again I'd recommend arriving when it opens, it meant getting on a few rides without any queues, and enjoying the park before the school trips descended.  I know Blackpool is well known for it's rides, but I was really surprised at how many rollercoasters they had, a favourite of mine by far.  The Big One was brilliant, I feel pretty chuffed to be able to say I have now been on the tallest coaster in the UK.

I was a bit gutted not to be able to see the illuminations but overall the visit was pretty good.  Another part of the country to have explored. 

~ Gem x


  1. I went Blackpool absolutely years ago and remember hating it!! Glad you had a great time there.

    Victoria x

    1. It's certainly not the greatest place, granted but thankfully it wasn't overly busy and being there during the week meant we missed most of the stag and hen parties xxx