Wednesday, 13 December 2017

A Literary Dinner With Giovanna Fletcher

Just before I start, I want to make it clear that this is in no way a sponsored post.  I paid for my ticket for this event myself and am receiving nothing for this post, this is purely my own honest opinion.

A couple of weeks ago now myself and Ashleigh from Ashleigh's Tea Party had the pleasure of spending an evening in the company of Giovanna Fletcher at Chelmsford's ACanteen in partnership with Foyles for a literary dinner.  The event was all part of Giovanna's book tour for Some Kind of Wonderful.

I am a huge fan of Giovanna's work.  She is such an inspiration to women and great example of a true Essex woman (we are not all as they appear on TOWIE!).

How she manages to juggle everything in her life, I honestly have no idea.  However she does it and she does it well.  As a successful author, Vlogger, ambassador for CoppaFeel, a mum and a wife, plus everything else that she manages to achieve.  She is in my eyes superwoman. 

It is the second event I have attended now with Giovanna and both times I have been in awe of her.  I mean she really is one of those women where what you see is what you get.  She is so down to earth and easy to speak to, which came across so well as she mingled between tables, taking time to talk to everyone with a smile constantly plastered across her face, bearing in mind she had returned from her trek in Oman merely a few days before. 

The dinner was great too.  I have dined at ACanteen a fair few times in the past and have always been impressed.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will be hosting many more of these types of events in the future.

Thanks to the team at Foyles and ACanteen Chelmsford for arranging a great evening and a massive thanks to Giovanna for being so wonderful.

~ Gem x

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