Thursday, 22 March 2018

The Malmaison Oxford

Last month I visited the wonderful city of Oxford.  It had been on my radar for some time and the reason for this is purely down to this hotel after spotting it on Instagram.

It's housed within the grounds of Oxford Castle and was once home to Oxford Prison.  In fact keeping many of the features from it's day as a prison you could be forgiven for thinking that was still it's purpose and is the very reason I was keen to visit.

Walking onto the main wing I was blown away by the size of it.  Picturing it full of inmates all those years ago and imagining what life must have been like for them. 

It is definitely something to look into if you are planning a trip to Oxford and if not for a hotel stay then definitely for dinner.  It was quite possibly one of the best meals I have ever had.

Goats cheese and blood orange

Pumpkin and chestnut ravioli

Millionaire Valrhona chocolate mousse
So worth the visit to Oxford if only for this hotel alone.  I loved it.

~ Gem x


  1. This looks lovely Gem. I've heard of it. Is it one of the well known chefs that runs the restaurant?

    1. It was amazing. I'm not too sure about the chef though, sorry xx

  2. This hotel has been on my list for some time - your dinner looks delicious!

    Victoria x