Thursday, 20 September 2018

Autumn 2018 Bucket List

By far my favourite season of all.  I don't really know what it is about Autumn that I love the most but the season does something to me.  There's a certain feel about it, like you can almost feel it in the air and I've already been getting all of the feels since the weather has started to cool down following that scorching hot summer we had here in the UK this year.

I had intended on creating one of these lists for the summer but with one thing and another never got around to it, although I had in my head what I wanted to achieve.  I knew I needed to make the effort to make the most of this season though and I'm pretty sure this list will help with that.

* Enjoy plenty of Pumpkin Spiced Lattes.

* Go on a search for red toadstools.

* Visit the pumpkin patch.

* Take long walks listening to the leaves crunching underfoot.

* Bake an apple crumble.

* Curl up with a blanket and a book.

* Embrace the darker evenings.

* Spend some time getting creative.

~ Gem x

Thursday, 6 September 2018

I Have A New Challenge

For those of you who have read my 40 Before 40 List you may remember seeing that one of the things I wanted to achieve was to complete a Disney Run.  Well folks this will be happening later this month.  Yes this month.  I will be heading out to Disneyland Paris and will be taking part in their 10k Disney Run around both of the Disney parks in 2 weeks time. 

To say I'm a little nervous would be an understatement as I am in no way physically, or mentally prepared for this challenge, but I do know that I will get through it and I've no doubt that my friend who is doing it with me will keep me going on the day.  Plus we'll be in Disney, which is the most magical place on earth, right!

Last month we took part in a 5K Bubble Rush run in aid of a local hospice.  It was so much fun but it did make me realise that I am so unfit haha.  Why did I think a Disney run would be a good idea when writing my list? 



Although the Disney run itself is a stand alone event that many people will partake in for fun, seeing as this will be quite a challenge for me I have decided to take the opportunity to attempt to raise some money for a few charities in the process.  This is where you lovely people come in.  I have created a Virgin Giving Money sponsorship page that I would be eternally grateful for any donations to raise some money for my chosen charities. Even if it is only a pound, a little goes a long way and both myself and the charities I have chosen would be so thankful.  

The charities I have chosen to support are Tommy's The Baby Charity, The Little Princess Trust (for whom I donated my hair too earlier this year) and Farleigh's Hospice (who I ran the 5k Bubble Rush for).  I'm sure you would agree they are all very deserving charities and I really hope I can do them all proud by raising as much as I can.

I'll be posting an update after the run at the end of the month so please check back to see how  get on.  I still can't quite believe I'll be doing it after wanting to take part for so long.

The link again for anyone who would like to donate to my sponsorship page is:

Thank you
~ Gem x   

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Missing The Country Life

Recently I have really been missing the country life.  I'm so glad that it was never something I took for granted while I had it.  I'm pleased that I made the most of it each and every day while I was living in my little bungalow surrounded by fields. 

I don't particularly mind the hustle and bustle of a busy city, but nothing really beats the country lanes, the wide open fields and the wildlife that is so apparent when you're in the countryside.  Driving through busy streets and hearing the general day to day noises of car engines and alarms, sirens and people really makes me crave the quieter days and the slower pace of life.  Being in the great outdoors and just breathing it all in.  Really being able to distinguish the difference between the seasons and witnessing natures journey.    

I know in theory you can make any house a home, but I still don't feel that since leaving my little spot in the country almost 2 years ago now that I have found a home, a place that I belong.  Just lately I have really been feeling it and I'm not going to lie, it makes me feel really sad.

I hope that one day this will all change and I will be back where I belong, but for now it seemed right to share these feelings and to admit that you know what, sometimes things aren't always great and you won't always be happy with what you have and that's OK.  I know I am far more fortunate than many other people out there so I am not writing this for sympathy or people's pity.  It's more a case of highlighting that everyone has their own battles they are contending with, just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't happening.

~ Gem x