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Monday, 21 September 2015

My Thoughts on Renting

If you were to ask me my opinion on renting a house 5 or 6 years ago I would have told you that I was very much against it.  Living in someone else's home, unable to put your own stamp on it.  It's not at all what I wanted.

Fast forward 2 years from then and we were looking at places to rent.  Unable to fork out the ridiculous amount of money needed for a deposit on a mortgage we were left with no other choice but to rent.  It wasn't what we wanted but it meant that we were able to live together and begin a new chapter in our life.

Fast forward another 2 and a half years to today and I can tell you that my opinions on renting have completely changed.  Of course I would love to be able to own our own home and hope to do so one day.  The one thing I would say to anyone with doubts about renting is to just consider it.  You'd be surprised how much you can do to put your own stamp on a place, without the need to dig out the paint pots and wallpaper paste.  Providing you are renting an unfurnished property there is plenty you can do to make your own mark on your home.

Furniture and home furnishings can say a lot about a person and a home and can allow you to personalise a space and cheaply too, especially if your creative and good with your hands.  Don't be afraid to think outside of the box.  From pretty fabrics to make your own cushions and curtains, right through to buying your choice of bedding and bath mats in a bid to personalise your space.  Displaying photographs on the mantle or bringing in a bookcase and filling it with little trinkets and more photos of happy memories, it all helps at making the place your own.  (I plan to type out some more blog posts featuring some DIY home d├ęcor ideas, similar to the fireplace makeover, so keep your eyes peeled for some of those coming soon.)

We've been living in our home for 3 and a half years now and I'm still making changes, all without altering the basic foundations.  When it comes to time to leave, we will be able to revert everything back to how it was when we moved in.  So maybe renting isn't so bad after-all, it's funny how your opinion on something can change over time hey.

~ Gem x

Monday, 14 September 2015

Easy DIY Fireplace Makeover

The fireplace is the one feature in our home that I really don't like.  I often look at Instagram with fireplace envy.  When we moved in the fireplace was boarded up, we had hoped to be able to open it up but it was not to be and since then our chimney became damaged and so was removed so there is no chance of it happening now.

Our home was built just after the second world war and we are fortunate enough to still have a lot of the original features, the fireplace being one of them.  However it does mean that it is a rather unusual shape so it makes it rather difficult to style it quite how I'd like to be able to.

After spotting the idea on Pinterest I knew I had to give this little DIY makeover a go and I'm so pleased I did because I love how it looks.We had a plum tree in our garden that needed cutting down so I used one of the branches.  Cutting it into slices (by hand) quite a long process but worth the hard work I put in.

I've used a thick black cardboard as the backing, although I do think a thin wood would probably be better, I may have to stick it onto something like this in the near future, just to give it that bit of extra support to hold it all up as the weight of the logs is fairly heavy.  The bits of wood / logs I have stuck on using superglue, so far this seems to have been sufficient enough.  

From there I have literally just propped it up in front of the board to the opening of the fireplace and there you have it, my fireplace makeover.  I'm really happy with it and think that it really makes quite a difference to the overall appearance to it.  It somehow makes it feel that bit more homely and cosy.  Much better than a piece of cream painted board that's for sure.  Now I can't wait to start styling it for autumn.

~ Gem x

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